I am very happy that our son has introduced us to Gus! He helped me achieve my goals. I look forward for my training sessions. He is very knowledgeable, organized and customize each session to address my issues. With his training plan, my knee pain is much better and now I can do long walks and regular exercise without any pain. Gus is the best trainer one could get!!!

Raheela Ghaznavi

I have had the absolute best experience working with Gus!!! He has really catered to my needs and wants for reaching my goals. He customizes every workout to my ability and to the equipment I have in my little garage gym! He is incredibly encouraging in moments of doubt and is always cheering for me! His workouts are really thought out and seriously get the job done! I have lost inches and gained so much strength so far and am looking forward to my fitness future with Gus by my side! I couldn’t ask for a better, more encouraging coach!!

Britanie Pieratt

Two words describe Gus: Consummate Professional.

For the past year and a half Gus has customized a strength & conditioning plan tailored to my fitness goals. He is always adaptable to my needs and keeps workouts fresh and engaging. He is punctual, attentive, and a pleasure to work with. It’s rare to find someone who is as invested in achieving your goals as you are. Would highly recommend! Thank you Gus!!

Noah Pendo

Gus is a Rockstar and while I am by no means an Adonis, my results have been there.

I look forward to training sessions because 1. He is cool dude and 2. The regimen is unique, different every time and well thought out. His schedule is flexible and communication is solid. Lastly, the guy loves what he does and his passion drives the client.

As you can see, I am a pro Gus guy but you will have to see for yourself!

Corey Simons

Gus is an awesome trainer that always goes above and beyond to help me meet my goals. He has been maniacally focused on my form over the past year to help me target specific muscles that have been a challenge for me over the years. The programs he develops always result in noticeable muscle growth. I highly recommend Gus for all your training needs – he is the perfect partner to help you reach your goals!

John Cronan

Gus is extremely professional, dedicated and driven! His attention to detail, precision and accuracy is unbelievable. He is always looking for the best way to make your workout personalized to your own needs. I highly recommend him for personal training! You’re awesome Gus and will miss you in Chicago.

Betsy Green

Gus is the best trainer I’ve worked with! He is thoughtful about designing workouts that meet your personal goals and gives great explanations for what he’s planned. He is extremely communicative and flexible with scheduling and diligent about following up and tracking progress. Best in the city!

Charlie Cao

As a former college athlete I’ve had trainers my entire life. Gus ranks up there with the best of them. He is extremely knowledgeable, understands what each individual needs and is always on time. I’d fallen out of shape but after working out with Gus a couple times a week my back pain is gone and I’ve never felt better. I’d recommend Gus to anyone in the market for a trainer.

Patrick Zimmer

Gus is a fantastic personal trainer who approaches each session diligently and attentively. His dedication and precision makes you feel very well supported, and his focus will keep you learning and improving continuously. All while keeping a positive and encouraging style that makes each session fun and motivating. I’ve learned a ton from Gus and highly recommend him as a trainer!

Sagar Shah

Gus is the best. He goes above and beyond to make sure your personal needs are met. He tailors a program specific to you while also giving you guidance on an overall plan to get you where you want to be with your fitness and health. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their workout plan to the next level.

Matt L

Working with Gus I felt very confident in his ability to program a workout that was geared toward my fitness goals! Gus did an amazing job creating a program for me that was versatile and fun! He also remained super flexible as the gyms/equipment I had access to changed frequently! Oh did I mention he did this all virtually?! I wasn’t in Chicago but still felt 100% supported by Gus! He answered all my questions and addressed all my areas of concern! What I loved most is that my weeks were programmed for me, I didn’t have to think I just had to show up and follow the plan! I’d highly recommend him to anyone near or far!

Krista Lang

Gus has helped me define and meet strength, cardio, and mobility goals, many of which I didn’t even know to be concerned about before starting my workouts with him. He’s helped push my boundaries while also setting a stable and safe base. The programming feels personalized, varied, and up-to-date, and he continually solicits my feedback and takes it into account. The flexibility to meet in person or remotely is excellent. Can’t recommend Gus enough!

Michael Borosh

Gus is a highly educated and experienced trainer who is well versed in developing customized diverse training programs for clients. His approach has a focus on technical execution while somehow managing to make it fun and challenging. Throughout the workout he stays focused on his clients to make sure each rep is done correctly so you get maximum benefits. I highly recommend training with Gus…he is the real deal.

Julie Deignan

Coming into 2020, I was at a point with my health and wellness that a serious adjustment needed to be made. I reached out to Gus in July 2020, to see if he could help achieve my goals of dropping weight and getting into better shape. His response was immediate and he was able to create a customized workout program that was tailored to my likes/dislikes as well as focusing on improving my whole body fitness. With his help, I was able to drop 30 lbs. in a few months and get me back to feeling healthy again. I can’t recommend Gus enough, he was a lifesaver.

Tyler Meuwissen

Highly recommend for all experience levels – beginners to advanced! Gus is one of the best personal trainers out there! I’ve trained with Gus for 2 years both in person and virtually. I’ve worked with many personal trainers and Gus’ professionalism has always stood out to me. He comes to every training session with a detailed workout plan and provides precise instructions to correct form. I started training with Gus with virtually no experience. He helped me build a solid foundation and routine for strength training/weight lifting. During COVID, I transitioned to Gus’ virtual personal training sessions via Facetime, as well as signed up for his monthly workout plans. He continued to provide quality workouts as well as much needed motivation and encouragement. His workouts are tailored to each client, never the same, and always engaging. I’ve also recommended him to my friends, and they have all loved working with him!

Grace Lorilla

I cannot say enough great things about personal training sessions with Gus! I have worked with him for almost two years now. I started with in-person training sessions but once Covid restrictions went into place I transitioned to online training and monthly custom workout plans. Gus really takes the time to listen to the goals you want to accomplish and designs each workout with that in mind. I do a lot of cardio on my own so we focus mostly on strength training. Gus has a great attention to detail when it comes to making sure you are doing each exercise with the proper form. He is able to explain every exercise so precisely and it really helps me get the most out of every rep and minute in his sessions. The workouts he designs have a lot of variety and so I am always learning something new. Each workout is definitely challenging but Gus does a great job of following up after workouts to see if any weight or other adjustment needs to be made for the next workout. If you are searching for a personal trainer who is great at what they do, then I would highly recommend Gus.

Laura Sleeman

Gus customizes each and every workout to your goals. The program is never repetitive and always engaging and interesting! He’s been a lifesaver in keeping me fit during COVID.

Claudia Jin