My Goal For You

Provide a program and environment to help you develop enduring confidence in making nutrition choices that fit your lifestyle and health goals
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Haugen Fitness Nutrition at a Glance

  • Tailored to your own specific goals, lifestyle, and food preferences.
  • The primary focus is to develop strategies and habits to fit into your day-to-day life.
  • Develop knowledge and gain an understanding of nutrition which will empower you to make choices on your own that not only benefit you in the long-run, but also align with your specific health and fitness objectives.
training program
training program

What to Expect

  • Fill out the Nutrition Questionnaire and hold the initial consultation over FaceTime/Zoom.
  • Construct a four day food log consisting of what your current diet looks like. You’re not required to track calories for the food log. The goal of this food log is to get a better idea of what your overall daily nutrition intake consists of.
  • Outline weekly goals that are specifically aimed at achieving your goal(s). We will go over these each week in our FaceTime/Zoom call.
  • Each month you’ll be provided an updated weight and/or measurement chart, along with your custom food menu that we will construct together.

This nutrition program is about making lifelong changes. In order to do this we need to modify habits through education, trial and error, and struggle. This will take work and dedication from you.