About Me

A Little About Me

I found a passion for physical conditioning and helping others attain their health and fitness objectives. Using a combination of my educational background which includes a BS in Kinesiology from UNLV and multiple training certifications, as well as my experience educating and coaching clients on health-related matters, I am uniquely qualified to help you design and maintain a fitness program that works for you.

I have multiple platforms at my disposal to help you get in shape and stay fit. Whether in-person or online, I work around your schedule and cater to your distinct preferences, no matter where you are in the world. Fitness and exercise don’t simply occur in a vacuum; they are a continuous process that requires learning, motivation, and time.

With my experience and knowledge as a personal trainer, I know there is not a “one size fits all” approach to health and wellness; I view each client as an individual with specific and varied needs, and that helps shape your customized exercise programs and training sessions that lead to the results you want to see.


  • BS in Kinesiology
  • CSCS-NSCA (Strength and Conditioning Certification)
  • CPT-NSCA (Personal Training Certification)
  • CFFC (Certified Functional Strength Coach)
  • Precision Nutrition, Nutrition Certification

Mission Statement

Meeting you where you’re at to provide you convenient, individualized, and guided expertise on your fitness journey.