Customized Plans Based on Your Goals and Your Lifestyle

personal training

Personal Training

If you are in Chicago and prefer one-on-one, face-to-face training sessions, we can meet at my personal training studio at Hi-Fi Fitness in Downtown Chicago. If you have the space for it at your house or apartment, I can bring equipment and come to you for training sessions whenever you may need.
semi private training

Semi-Private Training

Similar to the above option, we can work out at my studio which can accommodate several people for group training sessions.
online training

Online Training

A very popular option for my clients who don’t live in Chicago, or for those that do but may not have availability to meet me in-person. Use Zoom, FaceTime, or any other similar app to train with me virtually. I can also accommodate semi-private training sessions online as well.
custom workout plan

Custom Workout Plans

If time and availability are truly constraints for you, let me help by providing convenient month-long customized workout plans that you complete on your own time. Using the TrueCoach app allows you to monitor progress and make strides without having to commit to specific days and times that just may not work for you.